Keeping the ‘Mentally Incompetent’ From Voting

By Kimberly Leonard Roberta Blomster, 37, lives in a suburb with her parents and sister outside of St. Paul, MN, where she interns with Congressman Keith Ellison’s campaign and testifies at her state capital… Continue reading

Privatized prison health care scrutinized

By Kimberly Leonard About 20 states, including Arizona, Illinois and Maryland, have shifted all or portions of their prison health-care operations to private providers in an attempt to cut costs, a trend that… Continue reading

A Christian Alternative to health insurance

In 2006, Ray Carman’s health insurance jumped from $600 to $1,000 a month. The reason? His first daughter was born five weeks premature. Though there were no complications during her birth, his daughter… Continue reading

Lethal injection drug access could put executions on hold

By Kimberly Leonard A federal judge’s decision to block imports of a drug used in executions will leave states to rely more on a substitute drug that could itself be getting scarce —… Continue reading

Video | Changing behavior for health IT funding

Providers of mental health and substance abuse treatment were frozen out of a $27 billion federal  fund for conversion of medical records from paper to electronic  form. That doesn’t make sense to them… Continue reading

Panel recommends new agency to investigate safety of health information technology

By Kimberly Leonard This story was the result of a leaked report from a trusted source, and was picked up and mentioned by numerous outlets, including Politico and the Wall Street Journal. It… Continue reading

Government spending hypocrisy: Some candidates against spending get tax breaks, government contracts

By Kimberly Leonard In his quest for West Virginia’s Senate seat, Republican John Raese frequently attacks “professional politicians’ out-of-control spending spree” as he promises voters that he’ll rein in the federal budget. What… Continue reading

MULTIMEDIA | Vogue Stylist iPhone Application

For three months I freelanced as a multimedia specialist with Vogue to help the magazine launch its first iPhone application, “Vogue Stylist.” Source: VogueTV.

With 6 car dealers in Congress, industry revs up horsepower on Capitol Hill

By Kimberly Leonard Car dealers are the ultimate grassroots organization with plenty of money for lobbying and political contributions, so few were surprised last summer when Congress approved a financial reform bill that… Continue reading

MULTIMEDIA | Back to school for the billionaires

This interactive was published in The Daily Beast/Newsweek and iWatch News. View the interactive.